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Gatineau Landscaping

Our team will be pleased to offer you a turnkey landscaping and landscaping service in Gatineau. You can count on us to carry out absolutely all the landscaping tasks required for your project.

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Lawn mowing in Gatineau

For mowing and weekly maintenance of your grass in Gatineau, you can count on our team, the best lawn care company. We are also available during the off season to chat with you and plan next season’s plans. In short, it is possible to help you from A to Z with your lawn.

Trust us your lawn in Gatineau!

Fall leaf pickup  in Gatineau

Collecting leaves in the fall is always a long and hard task to do. You can entrust our landscaped experts with the maintenance of your land and collect it from your leaves at the end of the season before winter.

Landscapers experts in Gatineau

With many years of experience as a landscaper in the four corners of the Outaouais, we will leave no detail to chance. It is imperative for us to give you the right time and a service tailored to your needs. In addition, we have all the equipment in hand to carry out your landscaping project in Gatineau.

You can rely on our versatile team that has energy to spare. We assure you to deliver on time by giving you a fair price and quality service. Passing from the cock to the donkey, do not be afraid to give us some, we will do it and that, handily!

Discover the many landscaping tasks we can do for you:

  • Landscaping project planning and consulting;
  • Seeding of residential land,
  • Fall Leaf Pickup;
  • Aeration of garden soil and lawn soil,
  • Gutter cleaning,
  • House cleaning with pressurized water,
  • Setting up of garden and flowers;
  • Planting trees and cedar hedge;
  • Maintenance and lawn cutting,
  • Care and cutting of cedar, shrub and tree,
  • Tree cutting and pruning,
  • Fence painting and / or any wooden surfaces, etc.,
  • Output of all types of waste,
  • Wooden patio construction (deck),
  • Delivery and installation of soil and peat;
  • Exterior structure, cabanas and more,
  • And more!

Weekly and monthly landscaping maintenance services

Do you need regular maintenance on your land? We have the solution for you. Whether it’s cutting your lawn or maintaining your garden, we will be able to support you effectively in your project.

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