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Chainlink Fence (frost)

Chainlink fence installation in Gatineau

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Economic and Sustainable: The # 1 Choice for Consumers

Across Gatineau and in the province of Québec, the chainlink fence is also known as the frost fence. Easy and quick to install, the frost fence is the first choice of consumers in the country. Moreover, the chain link fence has excellent quality/price standards and gives the illusion of a wide open space simply by not obstructing your view.

A great investment for your property in Gatineau

The galvanized chain link fence is an excellent investment for its strength and longevity. In addition, the frost fence does not require maintenance. Made of galvanized steel, the frost fence combines the best elements of aluminium and zinc to provide an optimal corrosion resistance.

For optimal durability against harsh winters and frozen soils, our team has a proven method for installing your frost fence; All our fences are poured in concrete to secure the poles into the ground.

The benefits of a chainlink fence

The galvanized chain link fence has made its way over the past several decades on commercial, industrial, municipal and institutional sites, mainly thanks to its durability throughout the changing seasons.

There are multiple frost fence applications and they all adapt to various soil compositions. Chain link fences are also ideal for fencing a pool, a pet enclosure or a residential lot, as they are now available in a variety of colours. Contact us for more details on our services and products.

Privacy slats in Gatineau

Your residential property is near a busy street? We have the solution for you! The addition of privacy PVC slats to your frost fence can hide your outer courtyard from the eyes of curious people. Being on the lookout for what our customers are searching for, we have all the new materials to keep up with new trends.

Entrust our team to install your new fence and privacy slats in your colour selection. Contact us for more details on our types of privacy slats now!

Frost fence repair in Gatineau

Your chain link fence needs repairing? Our team can help get your frost fence back on track. Contact us today for more information.

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